At Plazida, we love celebrating our community by highlighting some of our most valued members. Nothing makes us happier than being able to share their stories with you. You may have seen our 5 Minute Interviews with Daniela Furtado, Sandy Allain, and Tilman Zens. Now we’re pleased to bring you…

5 Minutes with SİNEM AFŞİN

Sinem, calling herself a global citizen of the world by the way she sees things and with her open mindset, loves diversification in all the details of her life. She has lived in 3 different countries and she is an expert in key account management, product development, managing relationships with high-profile clients, translating marketing and social media needs into results-driven strategies.

Where are you from and what brings you to Madrid?

I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I always found Spain culturally very rich and I had a visit to Spain in 2010. My visit was lovely and approximately 5 years later; I moved to Madrid to study a master’s degree. Love has kept me here.

Can you tell us a little bit about your project?

I am the founder of an e-commerce project that I have been working on since April 2019. I offer Turkish handmade and ecological products such as jewelry, peshtemal towels, textile accessories and other traditional products. At the moment the project is limited to Spain, in the future my goal is to expand using different channels. With this project I have different objectives; the main one is to provide some economical freedom to people in difficult social, physical or environmental conditions that prevent them working a full time job; such as women in an agricultural surrounding. I also would like to save my clients from the same copied products everywhere by increasing the visibility of authentic, high quality, handcrafted items that are unique. The new definition of being cool is blending authentic items in a modern, natural look.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Madrid?

I like having sunshine all year round, even in winter and I like the feeling of living in a city, but at the same time being able to walk almost everywhere.

Have you been to any events in the digital nomad/coworking community here?

Since I left my digital marketing job here in Madrid and started my own project, I have been attending many different events regularly and meeting with different professionals, expanding my network. I am usually interested in events about e-commerce, sales, entrepreneurship, big data and artificial intelligence. I found Plázida’s Mastermind Events very welcoming and productive in terms of networking and sharing.

Have you faced any challenges with your project? How did you overcome them?

It is always challenging to start something from zero, because one is constantly out of the comfort zone. Luckily I like challenges and I am always inspired by people that work for a company and are still able to dedicate time to create their own projects. It is not easy doing all the details about my project by myself, but there is no other way, as I am at the very beginning. As a reward, I get to constantly learn and grow. I hope to one day read this article and see how far my project has come. 

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting their own group/blog/freelance business?

Do not listen to people that discourage you by saying that you cannot make it. Unfortunately there will always be someone saying no to your ideas, no matter where. Ignore them and start doing. You will always learn from the process of doing, even if the results are not what you expect. Waiting never brought success to anyone. Believe in yourself, you can do everything you decide to do and be successful at it. Never give up working; if there is a problem, there is always a solution for it; obstacles are to be overcome, even if it might take some of your time. You will gain wisdom through experience and this will make you a unique individual. Lastly, do what you love is not a cliche, I am the living proof of it. 15 years ago, I was sharing information about my country and promoting my myspace page. Looking back, I now realize it was my passion to spread knowledge about something as unique as Turkish culture to the world all along.

And finally, how can we find you?

You may visit my boutique e-commerce shop through the link below and follow it on social media also. I am always open to new ideas and collaboration.