Whilst we love our beautiful city, it’s nice to get out and breath some fresher air and see some new sights. Luckily Madrid has so many wonderful places right on our doorstep. We also know that time is a precious commodity and you might only have a day to travel, so here are our recommendations for easy day trips from Madrid.

El Escorial
El Escorial

Photo by Turismo Madrid: https://bit.ly/2VN3wUd

The town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is a beautiful little town in its own right, surrounded by the mountains we can only see from a distance within the city and beautiful forests. But the gem of the town is definitely the Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Entrance to the monastery is usually between 10-12€ and is definitely worth it.

How to get there: Take the C3 from Atocha to El Escorial. The journey lasts just over an hour.

Royal Site website: https://entradas.patrimonionacional.es/en-GB/informacion-recinto/1/san-lorenzo-del-escorial


Parque Europa – Torrejón de Ardoz
Parque Europa

Photo by Alfredo.zaragoza: https://bit.ly/2JvRzfg

While Torrejón itself is mostly residential and not the most exciting day trip on the list, it’s worth going for the wonderful Parque Europa. This beautiful park has smaller replicas of 18 distinctive European monuments. We won’t tell you which ones, as half the fun is wandering through this 233,000 square metre park and discovering them for yourself.

How to get there: Take the C2 from Atocha to Torrejón de Ardoz. Once there you can catch a bus (ALSA L-2) or walk about 25-30 minutes to the park.

Website: http://www.parqueeuropa.es/


Photo by Tomás Fano: https://bit.ly/2YI9N0z

Cuenca is a little further out, but for nature lovers, it’s absolutely worth it. Famed for its Hanging Houses and medieval buildings, Cuenca has earned itself a place as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. And once you’re there, it’s easy to see why. There’s a reason why Cuenca is at the top of so many ‘must-visit’ lists for those of us living in Madrid.

How to get there: You’ll need to get the REGIONAL 18160 and it will take around 3 hours to get there.


Photo by Juan Carlos Castle: https://bit.ly/2VBFSVy

First established in Roman times, this charming city has survived the Moorish invasion, the Christians, the Renaissance, the Spanish Civil War…that’s a lot of history! Thanks to this, architecture lovers won’t be short of things to see in Guadalajara.

How to get there: Take the C2 from Atocha to Guadalajara

Tourist info: https://www.spain.info/en/que-quieres/ciudades-pueblos/otros-destinos/guadalajara.html



Have you ever wanted to spend a day in a Disney movie? That’s what a day in Segovia feels like. According to an urban myth, the Alcazár was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s famous Cinderella castle. You can also stroll alongside ancient Roman aqueducts, wander through the old Jewish quarter, and taste some of the finest food in the region.

How to get there: Take the Regional 17133 from Atocha. It will take about 2 hours.

Tourist info: https://www.esmadrid.com/en/trips-segovia?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

Alcalá de Henares
Alcala de Henares

Photo by Áwá: https://bit.ly/2EjokYM

Another top must-see site for those of us in the city. The students among you may already be very familiar with Alcalá, thanks to the beautiful and historic Universidad de Alcalá.

Known as the home of Cervantes, this trip should be top of the list for literature lovers. You can visit the original Cervantes house, now a museum, and take an iconic photo with the statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza sitting on a bench outside.

How to get there: Take the C2 from Atocha or from Chamartín. The journey will last just under an hour depending where you leave from.

Official website: http://www.turismoalcala.es/



A classic. Toledo is one of the most famous day trips from Madrid and for very good reasons. Toledo is the quintessential medieval Spanish experience. When you walk through the streets you can feel like you have been sent back in time. The cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in the region, and definitely should not be missed.

To get that picture perfect view of the city, you can take a hike around the outskirts of the city to some of the more famous overlooks, so plan to take some comfy shoes.

How to get there: Take an ALSA bus from Plaza Elíptica. (The bus numbers are subject to change and you want to make sure you don’t catch the stopping service, so it’s best to ask when you get to the station!)

Official website: https://turismo.toledo.es/