About Plázida
Plázida is the first coworking space in Madrid catered to the digital nomad community.
We choose the digital nomad community because we like the location agnostic philosophy and like to take the road least taken that pushes new barriers. Being rich isn’t defined by earning a lot of money; instead it’s the freedom to make your own rules and to be able to discover and experience new places and cultures.
We want to help you in your journey, offer our expertise and listen to your needs.
If you have been traveling over 20 hours, wouldn’t you be grateful if someone picked you up at the airport? If you can’t communicate with the locals in Spanish, wouldn’t you like to learn the essential phrases you need to enjoy your stay? If you don’t know the city, wouldn’t it be great to get a guide that is made with your needs in mind?
This is our secret recipe for happiness: surround yourself with a community that supports, inspires and motivates you; get personalized and mindful exercise; enjoy healthy, organic, nutritious and tasty food; be kind to yourself, giving without waiting for anything in exchange and receiving in the same way.
We believe in work spaces that are open to promote interaction and transparency.
In this coworking space we dare to innovate without asking for permission and grow with the people who are around us, fostering real collaboration in a casual and spontaneous way.
“When my business started to grow I knew that I needed a work space where I could interact with other creative minds that were in a similar position but not necessarily in the same field. This is when I was lucky enough to meet the hosts at Plázida and everything seemed to perfectly fall into place.
Plázida is a gorgeous facility in historic buildings that have beautiful gardens to match. The hosts are incredibly warm and helpful. This coworking space is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a place to share their goals, fears and achievements.”

– Giovanna P. Girardi, Lawyer with a specialty in intellectual property for digital nomads and Coworker at Plázida

When you arrive, we want you to experience a feeling of coming back home, where we help make your landing easier and anticipate your needs because we have been in your shoes.
Plázida isn’t place for hurries and stress. It is a place that evokes comfort and where you will always feel welcomed to come back to. It is a place that thinks about your wellness, your health, and your personal and professional development.
The hosts at Plázida: Irene and Miguel
Irene has dedicated most of her professional career to brand consulting and in the last 7 years she started a personal project called Grasp, for innovative entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place with responsible brands. Her strategy+design+heart formula has helped put a spotlight on small and big brands that embody products with a purpose.

Miguel has been editor of the technical flight magazine, Fly News, and is an event organizer.

Irene loves acting. Miguel cooks and does yoga. They are both passionate about wellness and enjoy making their dream a reality to help others to dare to follow their own path.
Our wish is to contribute to making the world a place we like a little more, that is more collaborative, more open, more diverse, more honest, more beautiful… We believe that little things matter and that it is always in our hands to give small doses of happiness to others to pay it forward like starting the day with a nice tea and cookies. A smile. A hug. Having a good sense of humor, positive energy, and always having fun. We believe in being humble enough to recognize that there is a lot for us to learn and that there is always room to improve.
Welcome to Madrid. Welcome to Plázida.
Irene and Miguel.

Your hosts.

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