Even though we love to travel as digital nomads there are many nuances that come with moving around. That is why we should take advantage of useful apps that will make our travel adventures a bit easier. Our pick for the best travel apps for 2018 are:


Moovit is an exceptional free app that shows local public transportation in over 2000 cities and 80 countries with over 140 million users. You can get the best public transportation routes and get in real time when the next one is supposed to arrive. You can track from departure location to destination of looks at concrete bus lines and track as you move. Also, you can get bike and taxi info on the app. If you are planning on travelling around a new city in public transportation, this app will save you from getting lost.

Google Maps

The Google Maps app has a lot of great extra features like saving customized maps where you can actually put down multiple locations you want to go to and being able to download maps while in Wifi that then are easily accessed without internet and saved in your phone in case when you first arrive somewhere you don’t have access to the internet.

XE Currency

When you are traveling, it’s important to keep track of currency conversions and XE Currency is one of the most popular ones because it easily provides live exchange rates. You can set an alert and you’ll get a notification when there are changes of your favorite currencies. You can compare up to 10 currencies at a time.


Whether you are looking for cheap flight tickets or trying to get around the local internet censorship, you will at some point probably benefit from using a VPN app. You can find out about many different ones that exit on but there are two especially that are recommended which are IPVanish and Tunnelbear for mobile devices.


Although there are many useful apps for booking flights like Skyscanner and Kayak, we like to use Hopper to keep track of future trips and get notifications when there is a good deal with the app Hopper.


This app is great to easily manage in one place all the details of your travel like flight schedules, hotel bookings, car rentals, etc. You get notifications sent to your phone, tablet or smartwatch.

Prey Anti-Theft

When travelling it’s possible that our devices get stolen, this is why this app is so useful. It can track your phone, tablet or laptop for free. Not only that but it helps you protect your data by allowing you to remotely wipe the most relevant information, lock your device and retrieve important files like your latest photos.

Google Translate

There is a feature on Google Translate that not many people know about, which is that you can press on the camera icon and Google Translate will translate menus and signs you see. Simply shot towards the text and you’ll get it translated. That comes really in handy when travelling to countries where you don’t speak the language.

What are your favourite apps when travelling? Leave a comment for us on Facebook and tell us what apps you find most useful when you travel.

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