“It’s too social.”

Sometimes when we think of coworking, we imagine a vast room full of many people talking loudly on the phone. We imagine a busy atmosphere that’s impossible to work in. However, this is not the case. A coworking is first and foremost a place for work. Everyone who comes to a shared space is still there wanting to work. And every space has hidden corners for when you really want to tuck yourself away and get down to business.

“It’s not social enough.”

On the other hand, it’s not a room full of robots with their eyes glued only to their screens! The beauty of coworking is being able to meet people who could surprise you. Maybe you have complimentary businesses and can have brainstorming sessions together. Or maybe your jobs are worlds apart and you just bond over your lunch breaks.

If you’re looking for a social atmosphere, a smaller coworking with an emphasis on community is just what you need. (Not to toot our own horn, but community is the very heart of everything we do.)

“It’s too expensive/a waste of money.”

Everyone needs to leave the house eventually, and most digital nomads/entrepreneurs are no strangers to their local coffee shops! The price of all those coffees (and if we’re being totally honest, the occasional pastry too) soon adds up. Investing that money in a coworking space gets you more than just coffee. You get access to meeting rooms, your own desk, and a guarantee that there will always be WiFi and an available socket.

Not only that, you become part of a community of like-minded people, which can be invaluable. In this modern world, it’s more important than ever to make real face to face connections with people. The best things in life happen when we treat people like people.

“It’s a networking opportunity.”

Well…yes and no. Great things can happen when people click. But turning up to your new coworking with a stack of business cards and seeming a little too keen to speak to everyone can send the wrong message. Think of the other people as your new coworking family, rather than potential business opportunities.

“I’m on my own, coworking is better for teams.”

Actually, a surprising amount of coworkers are individuals and freelancers. Even businesses owned by one person need office space sometimes, and it can get very boring and lonely working home alone. Being brave enough to own your business means you deserve a proper office, not just Starbucks.

“I have a team, coworking is better for individuals.”

Coworking is also incredibly popular with teams. There really is no one who couldn’t love a coworking space. Not only is it beneficial for your current team – it can also be a very attractive bonus when you’re looking for new talent. Cool, functional spaces are highly sought-after by the new generation of professionals.

If you’d like a taste of coworking life, we offer a free one-day pass to our spaces in Princesa (Plaza de Espana) and Tapices (Atocha). You can contact us to arrange a visit here: https://plazida.com/en/contact/

If you’d just like to get out of the house and meet new people, we have monthly events like our Mastermind Sessions and our Guiridrinks. You are always welcome to join us!

Photo of a coworking space

Our coworking space in Loom, Tapices