Christmas is the most propitious season to experience hygge. You still don’t know what it consists of? Comfort, joy, well-being… A concept, a way of seeing life made in the Scandinavian countries. “What freedom is for Americans, hygge is for Danes,” says Meik Wiking in The Little Book Of Hygge (2016).

In September, we wrote on the blog about how to “plazidly” get back to work after the summer break. How have you spent the last few months? On the one hand to the other, with hundreds of ideas in mind and just enough time to put them into practice? Sounds familiar. The working maelstrom has also followed our footsteps, but we’re trying to take it easy. We are faithful to the slow-life philosophy, to that mania that our Nordic neighbors have of living in peace and tranquillity, with comfort and joy, enjoying the little things in life.

This year we propose you a Christmas with a lot of hygge. Stop for a moment, allow yourself to make a stop on the way. Put on the most comfortable socks you have, make yourself your favorite hot drink and open that book you have on the shelf. This Christmas is to spend it inside if it is with chimney better. Netflix has already prepared a selection of contents for the occasion. You can’t miss Love Actually, it’s already a worldwide Christmas tradition! But if you like classic cinema, there’s no rival for Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

To enter a hygge atmosphere, it’s essential to light one or more candles. Our favorites for these days are the essence of cinnamon and vanilla. Don’t forget to add a little bit of both spices to your cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee, they will intensify the taste of your drink. Wrap yourself in a soft blanket and enjoy the company of your cat or dog. Are you getting used to it? The hygge is the search for that special moment, where calm, plenitude and now reign. A postcard image but without any posture. The point is to get your perfect scene. That’s what Christmas is all about, don’t you think?