By 2020 it is expected that 44 million people will be remote workers. This will create new challenges for companies in order to ensure that they are inspiring employee loyalty, keeping up performance and staying within budget. Here’s why coworking spaces, like Plázida Coworking, are the best way to improve your company and make your remote worker happier.

Increased productivity

Working at home has many distractions and does not give you the right resources you need to succeed. This is probably why Deskmag’s annual Global Coworking Survey found that of the individuals in coworking spaces surveyed:

  • 64 percent claim they are better able to meet deadlines
  • 68 percent said they have better focus
  • 71 percent reported an increase in creativity

Coworking spaces provide and environment that increases focus and builds morale. In another study conducted by ConnectSolutions’ Remote Collaborative Worker Survey, it was found that 44 percent of remote employees have a positive attitude and 53 percent report reduced stress. Lastly, Harvard Business Review, found that people who use coworking spaces see their work as more meaningful and have a sense of community with others in the space.

Collaboration and Well-being

Coworking spaces lend themselves to be great places to collaborate with other members including ones from other industries. Mixing workers from different companies and fields creates enhanced collaboration since it brings together different ideas that would not be seen if it is only people from the same company. By teaming up with other remote workers, it will allow new and refreshing ideas to flourish.

Besides this, remote workers will be able to find better balance for their social lives with work since the will be able to meet new friends at the coworking space. There’s usually a community atmosphere with plenty of networking events and workshops. Remote workers have no one to answer to directly, making the environment relaxed and laid back where people can work in a positive environment.

Lower cost

Usually office space takes up the majority of a company’s total real estate portfolio. However, if a business relocates their workforce to coworking spaces, the cost to provide workspaces can decrease by 16 percent.

Since facilities and amenities are shared this greatly reduces the costs compared to the expense of an entire office. Usually coworking spaces offer perks like free coffee, a locker, ergonomic workspaces, high speed Wi-Fi and meeting rooms just like you can find in Plázida Coworking.

All in all, allocating a budget to provide a coworking space to your company’s remote workers is a win-win situation. You’ll decrease your expenditure in comparison to the normal office structure while getting happier employees that are more productive and creative.

If you are looking for a coworking space for your remote workers don’t hesitate to contact us here  and we will be happy to schedule a tour of our facilities.