Despite all the envious comments digital nomads get from their 9-5 friends, being a digital nomad can be lonely at times. You spend long hours working alone, mostly surrounded by strangers (unless you’re at Plázida!) and accompanied by your trusty laptop. The entire world is your office, yet that vastness makes you feel smaller.

We get that at Plázida, which is why our team is always thinking of ways in which digital nomads can break out of their bubbles and experience something new. Something that can help us grow emotionally and rejuvenate our soul, while improving our professional selves as well. Hustling is great, but we all deserve some time to unplug and be empathetic to ourselves!

With less than three weeks until Crecimiento Teatral, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to share a little more about why we decided to host this theater retreat with Nuri Zubiri. For those who don’t know, Crecimiento Teatral is our theater retreat that will be held on October 11-13, 2019. It is open to everyone, regardless of age and gender, and is not just for digital nomads. However, please note that it is held in Spanish! If you haven’t read our interview with Nuri Zubiri, make sure you go read it first.

With the retreat’s theme being “Amor y Libertad” (“Love and Freedom”), Nuri aims to help people listen to their essence, silence the mind, free themselves of all believes, and just let them be.


So why did we think that theater would be great for digital nomads?


The double edged digital nomad lifestyle

The perk of being a digital nomad, and ironically, also the thing that makes them feel lonely, is that you only need your laptop and wifi to work. You rarely need to engage in face-to-face conversations with business partners or clients, as emails and phone calls suffice. As a result, you become used to reading less emotional cues, which you would’ve gotten from the other person’s nervous hand gesture or darting eyes. Instead, you’re reading text, punctuation, and emojis, naturally reducing our chances of the best empathy training: face-to-face interactions.

Besides, while the vastness of the internet allows people to get in touch with anyone online, it also makes it easy for us to narrow our perspective. Inundated with more emails, messages, and news than we could ever process, we fall to our psychological impulses and select information that satisfy our emotions. We put ourselves in echo chambers by letting our minds gravitate towards like-minded ideas and people.

That is not to say that digital nomads aren’t empathetic nor that they don’t have the opportunity to exercise empathy. In fact, this affects all of us living in the modern world. So whether you’re a digital nomad or not, we can all benefit from the opportunity to exercise empathy in ways that have not been explored before. Not only does it encourage personal growth, it helps us form meaningful connections with other people and encourage helping behaviors.

What does that mean for us digital nomads? The ability and patience to put ourselves in our clients’ or friends’ shoes, a desire to create and grow a helping community in our area, a greater sense of belonging… The list is endless.


Theater and cognitive empathy

In the book War for Kindness: Building Empathy In a Fractured World, author Jamil Zaki speaks of the effect theater has in growing people’s cognitive empathy. We are all aware that a great actor is able to change perspective and think like their character, but does it actually help us grow empathy?

Zaki mentions a study conducted by psychologist Thalia Goldstein, where she tested visual arts and drama students’ empathy twice – once before and after the academic year. She found out that drama students are more empathic than visual arts students, but also that theater training increased students’ cognitive empathy over the year.

We may no longer be students, but that doesn’t mean we cannot benefit from our increased ability to empathize with others. At Plázida, we are committed to helping digital nomads grow personally and make meaningful connections with others – online or offline, which is why we decided to host Crecimiento Teatral with Nuri Zubiri. 


Crecimiento Teatral: a haven for nomadic souls

When we say that digital nomads need to consciously unplug, we really mean it. That’s why our magical retreat will be in the rural complex of Los Castaños in Cercedilla, an enclave in the lush Sierra de Guadarrama.

In this retreat, we will live a transformative experience in a unique environment, learn about the theater growth methodology, and above all, believe in people and their creative capacity in a free and loving environment.

As our host Nuri said, “We will travel through the body, with the power of theater and in contact with nature.”



We’d love for you to join our mini journey at Crecimiento Teatral. For more information, check out this link, and email us at to secure your place.