(A note for our English-speaking community members: This retreat and most of our communications about it will be in Spanish. We’ve created this interview with Nuri, and this quick breakdown to help you understand what this retreat is all about, and feel welcome. If you would like to join us on this experience, but feel worried about your level of Spanish, please don’t hesitate to contact us personally at hello@plazida.com. Our bilingual founder Irene will be happy to assist you.)


Nuri Zubiri


Please tell us a little about yourself.
I am an eternal seeker of the essence and I need to share what I am learning along the way.

What originally brought you to the theater and how did you make the connection between theater and personal growth?
What brought me to the theater was a call that came from deep inside. There was no theatrical culture in my home, nor in my village. I think that when I was a little girl I went to the theatre only once, when they took us on a field trip with the school. That day sitting there in the stalls, I felt a strong impulse to be on the stage and not below. When I turned 18, I left my hometown with the vision of going to the city to study theatre.

The fusion between theatre and personal growth came quite a bit later. I was working as an interpreting teacher at a school for actors and, at the same time, I was training in different disciplines of personal growth, with the intention of growing as a human being, of getting to know myself better… I realized that what dictated how my students shone on stage was not how well they learned the techniques, but their blockages, their limiting beliefs, etc. That’s when I began to merge both disciplines. I began to focus more on the process of the person and not so much on the artistic outcome. Because when a person feels free, the truth appears, and there is no artistic result more beautiful than pure truth. This is how Crecimiento Teatral was born, from the fusion of the artistic with the therapeutic.

What kind of people come to your workshops? Are they all different or do they have something in common?
More women come than men. I think men can be fearful of experimentation, still, with their feminine side. There are certain conditions in our society that invalidate men’s vulnerability: “men don’t cry”, they have to be strong, brave, they can’t show weakness, etc. This unfortunately condemns them to disconnect from their emotions, to hide them, otherwise they run the risk of being “expelled from the clan”. It is not easy for them to cross this threshold, although little by little, more and more of them have the need to find themselves and free themselves from conditioning.

There is no age limit, I have had from very young students to very old attendees, and all of them fill the group with wealth.
What they have in common is a longing to search, a desire not to be satisfied with what they have been told, and of course, of all the multiple paths of personal growth that exist, they choose this one is because they are attracted to the performing arts for one reason or another. As well as nature, which are the key elements of Crecimiento Teatral.

What happens to people when they come to your workshops? What changes or accomplishments can they expect?
This question should be answered by them. Each person is a world, and come with their own circumstances. The awakening can be very different for everyone. The goal is always that the person can get closer to their truth, to their essence. To reach it, we must first become aware of what is keeping us from being free.

What is it that drives you to lift others up?
I don’t have a rational explanation for this. I feel it deep inside. I feel it is what I have come to do in this world. When I do it I feel a great YES inside of me, just like that.

Do you have any advice on how people can elevate themselves or others on a daily basis?
Listening to each other and allowing eachother to be in what there is, whatever it is. Giving power to the body, which itself knows how to regenerate. It may be that we are very disconnected from our feelings. If this is your case, you have to start by feeling the body: its sensations, its annoyances, its pains, its pleasures… whatever. Observe what is in the past, there may be an emotion, or energy in motion. This energy needs to be expressed. There is no need to force anything, just allow it to run its course naturally, without feeding it from the mind, without stopping it from the mind. Only allow…and the body does its job to restore balance and peace.

What do you like most about running your workshops?
I like to be a testimony of how people liberate themselves, of how fear gives way to love. And I like to create, to transform processes into art.

And finally, what can people expect from your collaboration with Plázida? What makes this retreat different?
It’s the first time that Crecimiento Teatral comes to Madrid and we hope it will be the first of many. Plázida is also committed to personal growth and its founder Irene believes, especially, in the healing power of theatre because she has experienced it first hand.

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