Being a digital nomad or remote worker means having enough free time to upgrade your skillset and enrich yourself with new knowledge. In Madrid, we recommend taking some classes or doing some activities in person, (see our amazing list of ways to network and meet people in Madrid to find out how) but if you’re always on the move you might want to take your learning with you.

There are some really great places to learn new things online, and we’d like to share our favourites with you.



Skillshare is the go-to for anyone looking to learn a brand new skill, and is very common among people who are looking to change to a new career. This website is particularly good if you’re looking for a very specific skill, for example you may be pretty good at using Premier Pro to edit your photos, but you want to be even better and reach mastery. Or you’re a marketer who wants to start using Pinterest but you’re not sure where to start. This is the best place to go if you’re looking for more technical abilities and hard skills.


[Featured course: How to Write Captivating Web Copy that Converts]

Cassandra Le, owner of Quirky Pineapple Studio and fellow Madrileña Adoptada, is a familiar face on the digital marketing/digital nomad scene here in the city. She created this brilliant course with everything you need to upgrade your copywriting skills. One of the hardest things to write about is yourself, and with this course (included in a regular Skillshare subscription) Cassandra helps you navigate the challenge of what to say when people visit your website.


Yoga with Adrienne

This is a wonderful YouTube channel for Yoga lovers on the go. Sometimes it can be hard to find a yoga teacher in a new country (though it can be a great way to meet new people) or perhaps it’s tricky to fit into your digital nomad schedule. That’s why we like Yoga With Adrienne, as you can take her with you anywhere. What we like most about Adrienne is that she gives off a very positive vibe which comes across very naturally. Not at all like some professional VHS-tape-style instructors! It feels like doing yoga with a friend.


Facebook Blueprint

Many of our Masterminders use Facebook and Instagram to market their businesses, and sometimes we don’t have the budget to let someone do it for us. And any chance to learn a new skill and try our hands at something different is always welcome at Plázida! So we recommend Facebook Blueprint, an online learning platform dedicated to using these two channels for business. The instructions are very clear to follow and easy to search. You can also create an account to track your progress, which is always very satisfying.


[Featured course: Build You Own Health]

Marisa (AKA Guilt Free) is a health coach from Lisbon, now living in Madrid. You may have already met her at our events, and she also ran a workshop for us in 2018 about healthy breakfasts for busy people. Now she has created an online course to help us all learn how to take better care of ourselves. What makes this course special, is not only that it comes from our community, but that it includes a module on living a zero-waste lifestyle, something hotly discussed at Plázida.




FutureLearn is full of courses created mostly by universities, so you can gain real, credible knowledge, completely for free! We particularly like Maintaining a Mindful Life by Monash University:

Just like a real university, there is a wide variety of subjects, and it can be so fun to browse and imagine the possibilities. You may find something you’d never even thought existed before! The courses run for a limited amount of time, and they’re always introducing new things. A great website to have bookmarked for a rainy day.



With big names like Babbel, Rosetta Stone, and Duolingo dominating the language learning scene, we like to recommend Mondly. With Babbel and Rosetta Stone, you pay for access to only one language. This is fine for people who want to stay in one place, but a digital nomad is fluid, moving from one place to the next. What happens if you’re studying Spanish, but want to pick up a little German for your holiday to Berlin? This is when you need Mondly, an app that lets you access to 33 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Persian…trust us, it’s a long list! It’s a little pricey, true. But gifting this to yourself means you’ll have a lifetime supply of language learning. If you’re someone who likes picking up lots of different languages, we highly recommend this app.


Hello! Creatividad

This one is only for Spanish speakers (or other natives with at least a B2 understanding) and teaches primarily creative subjects. With things like art, yoga, photography, design, marketing, and writing, this is especially good if you learn by reading and like to go at your own pace. We especially like being able to download the lessons as PDFs, which you can take with you on the metro and learn as you commute.

While learning online is an incredibly valuable experience, it doesn’t compare to meeting new people and picking things up in real life. That’s why we host events in Madrid, like our monthly Mastermind sessions. Keep an eye on our Instagram account, or join the Guiripreneur Meetup!