Acting is in everything but the words. 

Stella Adler (The art of acting, 2000)

We all have a story to tell, especially entrepreneurs. How do you perform in that role? If you think there’s still room for improvement in the “script” of your professional career, you should try acting lessons. You’ll get presence, ease of speech and confidence in yourself. And, at the same time, you will lose the fear of making a fool of yourself and speaking in public.

These are the advantages of Stepping confidently, the theatre workshop for entrepreneurs that we organize along with actresses Alba Celma and Jackie Koester. It will be taught in both Spanish and English starting in November. Learning, fun and breaking away from everything else for three hours a week to get acting experience and determination. Want to know more? Read on, we’ve interviewed the teachers behind the scenes. Lights, camera, action!

Who is the workshop aimed at? What is the profile of an entrepreneur who could benefit from learning acting tips?

The workshop is aimed at several different profiles. Yes, it’s for entrepreneurs but it’s also for people who want to study acting in a safe environment but aren’t necessarily aspiring to be actors on the stage or on film. It’s for someone looking to add a different element to their life, get to know new people, and create long-lasting connections. Entrepreneurs and, in my opinion [Jackie], anyone could benefit from learning acting tips in order to self-reflect on the image they’re presenting when speaking in public or even talking one-on-one with a client. Active listening, emotional vulnerability, understanding how to demand attention in a room, affect a group of people with a speech or presentation, all of these skills are fundamentals of acting and can really aid those needing to engage with others.

What would you say to the shyest or those who are afraid to speak in public? Would you recommend that they sign up?

We would definitely recommend that they sign up! There are actors that are shy and this class isn’t trying to change who you are. These skills will help you feel more comfortable by having the opportunity to fail and succeed around other likeminded people. Also, the beautiful thing about acting is that you can express emotions, or tap into things that you’ve always wanted to say, but say them in the context of a scene, or the context of an environment, or through a character’s dialogue. You still have a cathartic and changing experience, but it’s the character speaking, the actor speaking, not you. So much of this course is done in a group and focuses on collective thinking as well, that all types are needed to get a well-rounded viewpoint.

What benefits can a digital nomad get from this workshop? 

By its name alone, the digital nomad can often be a pretty solitary job. This course in its very nature connects you with others. A concrete example of where to use this, often times we must present our ideas to others or to a large group of people, and while the message, the idea, the product, is ingenious, if we do not captivate and inspire our audience in the way in which we deliver our message, it often times is forgotten. Acting, learning how to tell a story, using your voice and body to engage and inspire, finding a dynamic energy within to project, all of these things helps to transmit a message to others and engage them.


Alba Celma, a multidisciplinary artist made in Madrid

We have seen her on Águila Roja (TVE), La pecera de Eva (T5) or La Gira (Disney Channel). But Alba Celma has done everything: feature and short film, documentary and also theatre. One of her latest works has been Amor no te llame amor (2017), a feature film by Juan Codina. On stage, she was named best actress in the II Certamen Creación #Arte4 and has trained in different disciplines with Óscar Martínez Gil, Concha Doñaque, John Wild, Chevi Muraday or Carmen Roche. 



Jackie Koester, performing arts adventurer

Actress, comedian, improviser, and writer. This is how Jackie Koester, an American who lives in Madrid with more than ten years of experience in the world of acting, defines herself. Jackie studied theatre and Spanish at the University of Kansas (United States) and has taken different courses in casting, movement, speech, and improvisation with experts such as Jack Wright, Leslie Bennett, John Staniunas, Paul Meier and Heather Laird. He writes for Travel Sages, a blog specializing in travel. 



Acting will help you with…

  • Work on resources that you already have but are underused: your voice, your body, your presence and, of course, your authenticity
  • Release your spontaneity, imagination, and creativity, as you will allow yourself to work in imaginary circumstances
  • Give you permission to enter grounds you don’t normally enter, wake up parts of yourself that were asleep
  • To recover the child that we all carry within with all its ingenuity, capacity for astonishment and learning
  • Work on your concentration by forcing you to be present, here and now, without screens or mobile phones for three hours a week
  • Be more empathetic by putting yourself in other people’s skin and other circumstances
  • Know how to listen and modify your response according to the situation. Because in theatre, as in life, what happens on stage always commands
  • Learn to tell your story well, the famous storytelling that is now so fashionable!
  • Losing stage fright, the fear of speaking in public
  • Moving with intent in a given context
  • Manage your energy as an impulse to communicate better
  • Use all the resources of your voice and fill the silences with meaning
  • Visualize so powerfully that your audience sees what you’re seeing (being farsighted is essential for any entrepreneur)
  • Kill the inner judge inside you and give you permission to make mistakes
  • Know how to improvise and train strategies to achieve your goals
  • Increase your awareness of body language and everything you transmit with it

“To step confidently” means acting with confidence, decision, and energy. Take hold of how you communicate, sign up now for the workshop! All the details are here.