2018 is the year when Plázida became a reality, but 2019 will be the year of Plázida. Why? You may wonder… Well, it is not only our beloved project that will celebrate its first anniversary. We have also prepared a lot of novelties and our already classic events will be reinforced. Believe us, the year that begins will give us something to talk about in our community.

Although Plázida had been taking shape in the mind of Irene Gil, its founder, it wasn’t until the middle of 2018 when it materialized. Since then it has rained a lot, so much so as to see the seed grow that, with such enthusiasm, has sprouted the first coworking for digital nomads in Madrid.

Plázida is a liquid coworking and we have already shared our vision of space more as a mental state than a physical one. But, obviously, we have physical workspaces, although they are not just any. It all started with Loom House at the Royal Tapestry Factory, and as soon as the summer was over Twisttt by Loom (now called Loom Princesa) joined in. Nomads have passed through both of them coming to Madrid from countless places in the world: Brazil, USA, Ireland, UK, Vietnam, Poland, France or Sweden, to name a few.

At the same time, we have packed our bags to be present in the main events of the sector: Dublin, Lisbon, Barcelona or Copenhagen, where in September an informal meeting of European coworkers took place. Our curiosity drives us to follow the trends in digital nomadism and the world of coworking, which are so often intertwined. For this reason, we have also confirmed our attendance at the Coworking Spain Conference, the most important meeting of coworking in Spain to be held in Alicante in April 2019.

In the coming months, our flagship events –Mastermind and GuiriDrink– will continue to bring together the most restless and international minds in the capital. We will continue to collaborate with Wanderful Madrid, with whom we have already organized a travel blogging talk and a natural cosmetics workshop. In addition, there will be new opportunities to live experiences such as our artisan bread and beer tastings or the Vermouth and Poetry meeting. Our head is always up to something, so we recommend you not to lose sight of our newsletter or our profiles in social networks. In addition, if you subscribe we give you free access to the Guide to the Digital Nomad of Madrid with more than 50 pages of information about the city and a luxury design by Tata&Friends in collaboration with Neutrø.

There will also be news on the website. Very soon you will be able to book our services online thanks to the integration of Néxudus, the software par excellence of coworking, and many other advantages for coworkers. In 2019 we will continue to bet on quality content. In the blog, we will continue sharing knowledge about the world of coworking, digital nomads, slow-life philosophy and Madrid, our beloved city.

We cannot end this review of our year without thanking the people who have been behind us: Miguel Muñoz, without whose help and continued support this project would not have been born; the drive of Juan Pastor, director of the Executive Program Creative Industries Network, where Plázida was finally born and in which, in his own words, he believes “fervently”; Cristina Bloyd, our first Social Media Manager and all her indispensable online marketing tips and continued support; our wise and human coach Réka Nikoletta Gazda; Giovanna Paola Girardi, our first coworker, soul friend and co-organizer of the GuiriDrink; all of you who month after month -except for those of you who are traveling- have made our Mastermind an example of collaboration and collective learning; Tilman Zens, for his videos and friendship; Cassandra Le, coworker and evangelist from Plázida; Ben White, our artist and Social Media Manager and Aída Cerón, our fantastic content creator. And of course, all the people who make up Loom and one with special affection: Elena Álvarez. Sorry if we forget some important people, it wasn’t our intention!

Our great purpose for the coming year is to consolidate an active community of digital nomads in the epicenter of Spain. It is that Plázida becomes a reference for all those freelancers, employees and entrepreneurs looking for a peaceful and creative environment to do their work while they are in Madrid. If you identify with this, we are looking forward to meeting you, we invite you to be part of our 2019, the year of Plázida. A toast to 2018 and to what is about to happen! Happy New Year!