We designed this hands-on Spanish course for you that shares the madrilean lifestyle and how to take advantage of your stay here focusing on different areas like Madrid culture, having fun in Madrid, using public transport, and going to restaurants and cafés.

We want you to develop socio-cultural skills and practice what you need to be free to move around our city in an enjoyable way and with a focus on communicating in a natural way.


We use a hands-on approach where experiences serve you to be able to structure communication skills in an authentic, easy and fun environment later on when you are on your own.


This course is 10 days long with an hour class each day.

The first day you will take a short level test.


Aldo Benito

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature and Theatre Arts and a postgraduate degree as a Foreign Language Spanish Teacher, and is the director for literary workshops at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He has a Masters degree in Voice Rehabilitation and Speech Therapy, and is an accredited examiner for DELE by Instituto Cervantes.

With more than 20 years of experience as an actor and Spanish teacher, he is a great teacher that is fun, cultured, charismatic, empathetic and intuitive. He knows how to find the student’s needs and push each student to talk Spanish fluently giving classes that leave a lasting impression.

“I was lucky enough to have Aldo as my teacher a few years ago. He’s an extremely gifted communicator but above all he is always patient, considerate, kind and caring. All of his classes were fun and inspiring —an absolute delight”. Suzanne M. Hill

What you will get from it:

  • A small introduction to real Spanish.
  • Entertainment, new friends, new experiences and basic skills to communicate with the locals.


20 € /hour for one person

15 €/ hour for a group of 2-4

12€/hour for a group of 5-8 

10% discount for Plázida community.