There are no more grains of sand in your pockets, but the 24 hours of your day vanish as if you were shaking an hourglass. The night falls precipitously and catches us in flagrante as we step into the first puddles of rain with our sandals still on. Where there used to be peace, now there is a personal battle: that of adapting yourself back to the routine.

Wherever you are, September is a month to return. From returning to a place to a project, to a schedule, to a habit, to a wardrobe and, probably, to stress. We say that “we come back with our batteries charged”, but for many of us the battery fails when we have done nothing but restart. Energy is a resource that needs to be managed: we set the airplane mode so our smartphone doesn’t die or do the washing at night to save on the electricity bill. However, when September arrives we return with a force that is difficult to manage.

At Plázida we would like to share with you some tips to manage your returns, whatever they may be. This time, we want you to get to Halloween without looking like a zombie and to calmly approach Christmas.


Tips for getting back to work “plazidly”

△ Plan for the short term

Spanish writer Almudena Grandes said the other day on the radio that “September is a hard month, but optimistic because the illusion of good intentions weighs more than the curse of the early morning. And aspirations as modest as signing up for the gym, studying English or learning baking are like feats of incomparable merit, feats capable of turning any year into the best version of our life”. What happens is that the “best version” of your life is not going to arrive immediately. It seems logical, but many get frustrated the first week because they haven’t been able to meet the demanding goals they’ve set for themselves. Start step by step, conquering day after day, game by game.

◯ Recapitulate

A school year begins in September, not an actual year. Go back to your last New Year’s Eve self and reflect on the purposes you have fulfilled and those that are yet to become real. But focus, above all, on the first ones. Write down your achievements, review what has been done. Rejoice in the successes of these months to gain momentum and reach the end of the year with your homework done. In this time you have evolved and now you have a second chance to meet the forgotten goals and see the path with perspective.

☐ Make a change

Don’t go back to the same thing as always, run away from the boredom and tiredness of routine. Make a change, even if it’s small. Why don’t you try a new schedule? Why don’t you try to collaborate with a different market segment? Also, modify your leisure plans. In every city there are unimaginable activities, talk to the local people or ask for information in coworkings like Plázida – we will be delighted to show you the most original and alternative experiences of Madrid!


Actually, nothing is that urgent

Living as if it were the last day of your life requires realizing that it is not. Remember that every time you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown, it’s a liberating thought! It’s better to take advantage of the last hour of the day for yourself than for business. Your tasks will continue tomorrow at the same point you left them. Imagine that when the sun rises extraterrestrial beings arrive with the aim of colonizing the planet Earth. Who will care about the project you had in your hands? Exactly, at the moment of truth, work is secondary. Try to come back, as Penélope Cruz sings in Almodóvar’s film, feeling “that life is a breath”.

P. D. In case of emergency, we can always count on literature. We recommend this list of Librotea (EL PAÍS) with 12 books to fight holiday blues.