In Plázida we say that we are a liquid coworking. To some, it may sound strange, to others too abstract. But it’s true, do you know why? The truth is that ours is a coworking forged on ideas, but not bricks. The most solid thing that we have are our values: that of calm, consciousness, cooperation… The ability to face work as personal life, with passion, strength, creativity, and step by step, making the most of the experience of the present. The slow but full routine, where the smallest detail is enjoyed to the maximum. What they call slow-life, sounds familiar?

We are more about creating environments than about creating workplaces. That’s why we talk about “mental space”. We understand this as the right environment for personal and professional development. We believe that the key ingredient for quality of life is to find the balance between both spheres. “Are you looking for an office?” is not the question we want to answer. Our service is not a catalog of offices, it is rather an assortment of alternatives —among them several physical spaces— that, together or separately, can turn the passage of any digital nomad through Madrid into one of its best experiences around the world.

Irene and Miguel, Plázida’s hosts, live in Madrid, but they are digital nomads inside. That’s why our coworking is not a regular one. As the people who share with us their time here, we are “location agnostic” or “location independent”. If we are dependent on something, it is experience, knowledge, feeling. We are addicted to the road, not to the destination.

As they point out in Business, coworking emerged in San Francisco as a working style around 2005. An alternative way to address the challenges of freelance workers, who did not have easy access to professional and/or social networks. Despite being independent, they needed to interact with other professionals both within and outside their sector. They aspired to a balance between work and private life, but without giving up networking, for example. Therefore, as we can see, coworking does not even conceptually refer to a physical site. Think about it, what we are all looking for is, in the end, a friendly and optimal environment to work without giving up our most personal needs. If you have reached the same conclusion, contact us and enjoy a free 24h pass in the only liquid coworking in the city.