Hygge has been trendy to use when it comes to fashion and home décor but, what is it exactly? This Danish concept focuses on slow living and being cozy as the key to happiness. No wonder the Danes are often at the top of the list when it comes to happiness, Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) puts focus on enjoying the little things. Fun fact, the word Hygge is actually a Norwegian word meaning ‘well being’.

According to Mike Wiking who wrote The Little Book of Hygge, there are 10 pillars to Hygge: atmosphere, presence, pleasure, equality (using ‘we’ over ‘me’ and sharing tasks), gratitude, harmony, comfort, truce, togetherness and shelter.

So, how can you bring Hygge into your life? Here are our five simple ways to get into slow living and enjoying the little things in life:

1. Candles

Candles are the epitome of Hygge life. In the fall you can bet for aromas like pumpkin and spice while in the summer light candles that are floral and citrusy. Just having the warm light and pleasant smells gives a sense of comfort and coziness that is so simple yet fulfilling.

2. Invite friends for a meal

This might be one way that you already practice Hygge in your life but for the Danes making sure to set aside time to be with friends and family is very important. Even better is leaving your phones in a separate room and just making the time to talk about small and big things together while enjoying a home cooked meal.

3. Read a book or watch a movie

Curl up under a blanket and enjoy a book or movie with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee and comforting food and you are in Hygge heaven. Giving yourself time to really enjoy in this way feels luxurious without having to spend much.

4. Make your home Hygge

The Hygge décor is cozy, plush pillows, warm faux fur blankets, minimalist approach in decoration, warm lighting and accents of nature like pine cone, flowers and plants.

At Plázida coworking we are big fans of the Hygge and slow living lifestyle, making sure that the coworking space feels as cozy and warm as possible for our coworkers. What do you think about Hygge? Leave us a comment on Facebook and tell us what you think about the Hygge lifestyle.